All our songs are now available to sample as short mp3 files! !
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I REGRET TO SAY THAT OUR WEBSITE HAS DIFFICULTIES WORKING DUE TO THE POOR INTERNET SERVICE FROM FRONTIER.COM.  OUR DOWNLOAD IS around 0.44Mbps AND OUR UPLOAD IS 0.38Mbps.   This does not bode well for doing anything on the internet including listening to our music samples, returning to our website (from the outside source for listening since our internet service has NEVER been good enough to do it out of our rural location) and/or ordering any of our products.

Having  been in contact with for the last 20 years, it appears they will finally upgrade our service in 2019.  We MAY be able to get up to 3Mbps at that time.

I am so very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused all of you and the frustration it has caused us here at Rainbow Waterfall.

Snail mail is the only option for getting our CDs at this time.  E5627 Cedar Dam Road  Marion, WI 54950.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.  I hope to still be here and see you some time in 2019!

RAINBOW WATERFALLâ„¢ offers the highest quality songs, entertainment, edutainment and music on CDs for your children. Good for all ages. Great for parties, schools, libraries, home and travel.

Our main author, ex-teacher and award-winning songwriter, Lois Skiera-Zucek aka Lois Zucek, has performed at schools, libraries, environmental and nature centers, holiday parties and special gatherings. Teachers, college students and the general public have attended her workshops on songwriting, poetry, the music industry and using songs to enhance children's education.